Navigating the Freelancing Landscape: How Upwork Smart Catapulted Me to the $5,000 Milestone

Introduction: Embarking on a freelancing journey, particularly on platforms like Upwork, demands a unique blend of skill, strategy, and resilience. The quest to achieve financial milestones, such as the coveted $5,000 mark, becomes a challenge worth embracing. In this narrative, I unfold my personal journey, unveiling the role of Upwork Smart – a Google Chrome […]

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How to “Allow access to file URLs”

If you are using Twitter Automated, or Linkedin Automated extensions, you must “Allow access to file URLs” to use the attachments feature for your posts and your comments. 1. Go to manage extensions page Go to chrome://extensions/. 2. Click to Details 3. Click Allow access to file URLs to enable 4. Done. You can use […]